Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Sketches whilst away...

Photographs make excellent memories,


Needless to say I was busy drawing, sketching, painting

during our recent visit to Cornwall...

Here's a selection from my

Concertina sketchbook...

still plenty of pages to fill in this concertina sketchbook,
they will have to wait for another trip away at some time.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

New Artwork on my Etsy shop

One of the very enjoyable things about going away for a short holiday, is that I get to DRAW, SKETCH AND PAINT....not only scenes of our holiday, but I also get some miniature art done, namely ACEO's (Artist Cards sized), they may be SMALL, but they are GREAT in their own way....



Saturday, 16 September 2017

Visiting a former Mine in Cornwall...

Now belonging to the National Trust and includes a Visitors Centre, I'm talking about

Redruth Cornwall

We weren't sure what this Trust venue would be like, we're used to visiting NT Gardens and Stately House, but sometimes you have to go for it and visit something completely different.

Diverse it's called isn't it?  

That was definitely this particular place, but enough chatter,
here's some photos...

In the Visitors Centre there were small working models of the mine shafts,
with explanations.... 

There was a very good film playing in another room, which told of the history of Cornish Mining.  I didn't record all of it, but thought you may like to see this bit....(sorry that the sound isn't too brilliant, but if you turn down your sound slightly that might possibly help...anyway, I'll leave you to work that out)

I messaged the Trust on their Facebook page to ask what the initials EPAL stood for.
Yes, I worked out the EP = East Pool, but the AL had me completely stuck...
they replied with this:

"Hi Ann, thanks for getting in touch.. EPAL stands for East Pool and Agar Limited.  In short there was a mine in what is now Morrisons carpark, called Wheal agar (owned by Agar Robartes a.k.a Lanhydrock family).  This was near to East Pool mine which is the prominent winding engine by Kwikfit.  Wheal Agars production was poor so they switched off the pumps which led to East Pools lower levels to be flooded (most shafts are connected).  So East Pool to save their rich mineral levels bought Wheal Agar for £4000 in 1897.  It was from this purchase that the name "East Pool and Agar" comes from.  The mine had a very productive and long life raising 92,000 tons of copper ore and later, 37,000 tons of tin ore.  In its early days the copper ore here was particularly rich, selling at twice the average price.  In 1913 the business became a limited company called East Pool & Agar Limited, known as EPAL.  In 1921 the shaft at East Pool and Agar collapsed, completely blocking access to the mine.  Another solution was needed.  This was the beginning of Taylors shaft and engine house which was built 250 meters away (down Trevithick Road).  This your best and one of the largest engine houses retained the name "East Pool and Agar Mine" and it is these initials that appear on the chimney which towers above East Pool Mine's remaining buildings today.  Hope that helps you.  If you want to know more why not try the link below: Many thanks: "

Wow! what a great reply...and here's the link they mentioned:

'WHAT'S UNDER YOUR FEET' (click link)

From the useful information they sent, they mentioned a couple of sites and here they are on Google Street View:

 the Stack is in the distance of this image, so we parked near it (the first image in this blogpost)

and the other site is just down the road, here:

~ An interesting and worthwhile visit ~