Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Continuing our recent travels

We have been to this National Trust property before, but when we were in the area it seemed a good opportunity to visit again and try to spend a bit more time.  Revisiting these places gives us the chance to see some rooms that we missed on the previous visit.

This is BASILDON PARK.  The house was built between 1776 and 1783.

The Sutherland collection.   In what had been a dressing room.  Now hung with some of Graham Sutherland's studies for the tapestry of 'Christ in Glory' above the high altar in Coventry cathedral.  To preserve the collection intact, Lord Iliffe bought all of Sutherland's many studies and presented them to the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry.  The paintings in this house are on loan.

(sorry about the reflections, couldn't be helped)

I have gone a little photo crazy with this post....just thought I would warn you.

I love this next's like a cartoon

and now for some other photos of the house,
just taken randomly as I wandered around

 just look at that ceiling 🔽

can't remember if I added these pillars last time I did a blogpost about Basildon Park,
but just had to take these pics.  They aren't real marble, but painted to look like marble.

 close up 

yes, ceilings always get me

Links :

and as it happens, the Artist Alan Owen has just added a Youtube video showing the marbling technique, so I thought you may like to watch:

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

On our travels continued....

Sometimes it is difficult to know quite where to begin with a blog post after we have been away.  I gather a lot of photos on my iPhone (very easy to carry and use aren't they).  However, I think I just have to get stuck in ....  so here's WHITE HORSE HILL (click link)

(incidentally, some of these photos you may have already seen on William's blog, but I thought I would share them here too, and I've added extra photos)

This next photo doesn't have UFO's in it....I took this pic through the car window whilst I sat enjoying a mug of coffee

I took this next video clip to show the 180 degree view

and looking down into the dip of the hillside, you might be able to see sheep being moved from one field to another in this next clip....

Watch out William, dad has his camera!

Photo of the photographer, 
and William really didn't want to pose!

he looked away on annoying, lol.

The striking thing about this view, was that it seemed to go on for ever.  
We were so fortunate to have such a clear day...and oh those cloud formations were stunning.

(I love hearing your thoughts, so please give me feedback, it will make my day)

Monday, 13 March 2017

On our travels again

Yes, on our travels again and just got back from Oxfordshire.  A few days away is always nice and one afternoon I got to join the Oxford Urban Sketchers, which was great.  They gave me a warm welcome, I felt as though I had always known them, must be the kindred artist spirits.   We met in the High Street in Oxford at St Mary the Virgin Church, where we chose different aspects within the building to draw.  An added bonus happened to be that there was a Concert on at the time, so we got to enjoy background music too.

I'll stop chatting now and add photos of the building and some sketches - and to give you an idea of the location, here's the Google street view of it......

the next photo is from a galleried area...

...and I sneakily got a couple of photos of my fellow sketchers....

Wendy and Kate, if you have happened by here,
it was great meeting you both.

Outside, not the High Street side but in
Radcliffe Square
is this unusual library, it literally is round!

about time I added my sketches don't you think....

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