Friday, 21 October 2016

Another visit down to Harlyn Bay in Cornwall

Yes, I know we have been there before HARLYN BAY and when the opportunity came up to visit again, we couldn't say no...  the beach on the doorstep to the Harlyn Bay Inn is lovely and, of course, a certain Lurcher LOVED IT.

See what I mean, who could not love this.  Although it didn't mean we stayed on this one beach...

 along the cliff path we could see other small coves

and walked past crops growing right up to the edge of the cliff path

Another beach to visit is at Bedruthan Steps - I have to admit I don't venture down the steps, which are extremely steep, Vertigo city for me!!! so I sent the lads down.  The view from the top is amazing anyway, so I didn't feel I had missed anything.  I happened to speak to a lady who works in the National Trust shop and she said that having worked there for 11 years, she had never ventured down the steps (so I'm not the only one).

 ...look who I could see down on the beach (heading off to the left of the picture) ;)

and when the beaches get too much we went into Newquay and guess what....A BEACH!

Not bad when you can shop and see the beach at the same time is it!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Spot the Porpoise

We weren't expecting to see a porpoise the other day on our walk over in Ilfracombe, especially trying to spot something that only appears very briefly and then disappears into the ocean again just as quickly.

difficult to see Yes

difficult to see and difficult to photograph
Every time it appeared, I missed taking the photo 
but eventually I got it

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